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Ceres baltic, MB
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Food industry
  • Ecological products

Dears, Our company supplies 100% natural, healthy and high protein snacks based on crickets by your private label. With our products you can start new business or expand your present products’ portfolio. All crickets are bred in ecological regions. All our farms are certificated by local food authorities. We believe, that our tasty snacks will help people to try out insect products and love them. Our products are gluten, dairy free and suitable for ENTOVEGAN. Plants + Insects All products you can find in our website https://www.crickets.lt/ We offer full One Stop Service: 1) supply products by private label with your packaging; 2) assistance in creating new products; 3) assistance in creating new or update present designs; 4) helping to choose correct packaging for longer shelf life and be more visible in supermarket; For more information, please contact us [email protected] Mindaugas Kulvinskis +370 601 46668

Current export markets:
Export turnover: 90%
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • 1-9 Employees
  • 2019Year of establishment

1. High protein Bars (20-22% of protein): a) Peanut’s protein bar; b) Cacao almond protein bar; c) Pineapple Protein bar; d) Hazel nuts and mandarin bar; e) Cacao with sea salt; f) Peanut butter with sea salt; 2. Energy bars (12-14% of protein): a) Brownie bar; b) Mango and chia bar; c) Pistachio bar; d) Banana bar; e) Black currant bar; 3. Crackers (19-21% of protein): a) Hemp seed crackers; b) Almond crackers; c) Classic crackers; 4. Cookies (15-20% of protein): a) Almond cocoa cookies; b) Almond pecan cookies ; c) Oat cocoa cookies; d) Oat blueberries cookies; e) Coconut Blackcurrant cookies; f) Coconut ginger cookies; g) Coconut Sea buckthorn cookies 5. Mango and Pecan granola (20 % of protein). 6. Dried or roasted crickets with spices (62-70% of protein): a) Sour cream and onion; b) Sweet English bacon; c) Hot chili; d) Garlic; e) Tomatoes and thyme; f) Salty; g) Natural; 7. Cricket powder and dried crickets (66-70% of protein). 8. Fresh frozen crickets.

  • https://emerging-europe.com/business/cees-edible-insect-start-up-scene-is-bigger-than-you-might-think/
  • Member of Belgian Insect Industry Federation https://www.biif.org/