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Why should I use B2Lithuania?

B2Lithuania is completely free of charge platform with contacts of more than 2 600 companies that could be your potential partners. Browse through the list of companies, select the industry you are interested in and if one of them catches your attention, contact directly and set up a meeting. It has never been easier to find a reliable and trustful partner as this platform is administrated by the team of Enterprise Lithuania, a governmental agency promoting business which means every Lithuanian company is checked up before its profile becomes available online.

How can I use B2Lithuania to find a business partner in Lithuania ?

There are two ways to find a potential business partner using B2Lithuania platform:

  1. You can browse all companies in Companies section and contact all companies that you like
  2. You can put forward a proposal in Proposal section. In this way all companies that are in your chosen subsector will get an email with your offer.
How can I put forward a proposal ?

If you are a foreign company looking for Lithuanian partners, please use Proposals section. In Proposal section press “Request for product or service”. Fill all necessary information and carefully choose sectors and subsectors – all companies that are in your chosen subsectors will get an email with your proposal.

How can I find companies in particular sector ?

You can filter companies by sectors, subsectors, export markets, turnover, etc. In the main menu press Companies and in newly opened page press blue button called “More”. Choose how you want to filter companies.

How many companies are registered in B2Lithuania?

Currently B2Lithuania contains around 2600 companies which is almost 50 percent of all Lithuanian exporters.

How can I register?

You can by pressing "Registration" button in website header.

You will have to fill contact form as well as company information. For Lithuanian companies - registration form consists of six steps. For foreign companies - registration form is more simpler, you can access it by pressing link in the upper part of the registration form.

How can I update my profile information?

You can update your profile information by pressing "Edit profile" button in your profile page.

How can I edit contacts of my company?

You can edit contacts of your company by pressing "Edit contacts" button in your profile page.

How can I invite company for B2B meeting?

In order to contact other companies you must be registered and activated by our team. Once you do it, you can find company you want to contact and press "Contact the company (B2B)" button in the company profile page.

Once you submit filled form and get confirm by other side, both you and the company you contacted will see meeting record in your "Meetings" page, where you will be able to see and edit meeting information and chat with each other.

How can I check my new messages or my message history?

You can check your new messages or your message history by entering your "Notifications" page.

How can I send a new message to other company?

In order to send a new message to other company, first you must invite other company to B2B meeting. Once you do that, both you and the company you are trying to contact will be able to see new message with meeting details in your "Notifications" page and be able to chat with each other.

How can I check or create new tasks for my meeting?

Once you create a meeting with other companies, record of meeting will be placed in your "My tasks" page. In order to view, add or edit tasks you have to press on the meeting of your choosing. Once you do that, your meeting tasks information will be visible in the middle section of the page.

How can I change my account password?

You can change your password by filling and submitting password change form in your "Settings" page.

How can I contact B2Lithuania team for any additional questions?

If you have some additional questions for our team, you can always contact us by filling and submitting the new question form in the bottom of "Contacts" or "FAQ" pages.

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