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Trijadė, UAB
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry
Wooden Houses
Triajde is a company with more than 20 years of expertise in manufacturing high-quality timber products.  In our factory we develop, design and produce with modern manufacturing technologies. We produce a wide range of garden houses, log cabins, sheds, wooden garages and bespoke projects from solid double tongue Nordic spruce and pine wall-boards. Various types of double-glazed doors and windows, terraces and wooden stairs. Our main advantage is that we can offer you high-quality products at a r...
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, Electronics and laser industry
Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products, Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c., Lasers, Microtechnology and nanotechnology, Optoelectronics and photonics, Research and development in new technologies
FEMTA - company providing industrial laser solutions with main focus on laser welding systems & laser cleaning equipment manufacturing and integration in production lines.
Media Projects, MB
Furniture industry
Cabinet furniture, Kitchen furniture
Furniture manufacturing, export.
Laika Logistics, UAB
Transport and logistics
Truck, Distribution, Land transport
Our services: - Road transportations; - Warehousing services; - Customs services; - Rail transportation services; - Air transportation services; - Sea freight services; - Transportation of dangerous goods.
Naujasis siluetas, UAB
Apparel and textile and leather industry
Textile, Clothing accessories
At Naujasis Siluetas, we offer proven expertise and quality in weaving, textile printing, and embroidery. Our company is among the most advanced in Lithuania, offering a wide range of flexible solutions to take your products to the next level.
Legio baltica
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry
Pallet blanks, Timber for constructor, Glued laminated timber, Pallets, pallet collars, boxes, Timber for terraces, Raw wood
LTD Legio Baltica is a company engaged in selling timber and its products. The company's main sales partners are in Europe and Asia, meanwhile The supply of timber and timber products takes place from Scandinavian countries and Ukraine. Wide range of dried and fresh cut timber, from double cut (edged) to single cut (unedged). The main types of timber: oak, birch, spruce (+ northern), pine (+ northern), larch and ash. The company has a FSC certificate. More information about the company: www.iGoG...
Egliana ir KO
Transport and logistics
Land transport, Full loads, Partly loads
Egliana ir KO - friendly ground transportation company, working since 1997. We able to offer full truck load and partial cargos deliver from EU countries to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Have cargo to Baltics? Dont hesitate to contact Egliana!
IN Flexum, UAB
Paper, paper product manufacturing, and packaging industry
Paper products, Paper&cardboard packaging, Packaging
UAB In Flexum is producer of high-quality packaging and POS. For more than 15 years our highly skilled and experienced team delivers outstanding performance in product construction and manufacturing. Attention to details and quality resources are the foundation of our work.
myTU (Travel Union, UAB)
myTU is a digital banking platform that offers payment and marketplace/loyalty solutions for private consumers and business clients with focus on travel and hospitality industry. OUR PRODUCTS - Payments infrastructure for natural and legal persons with banking services accessible via a mobile app and a website. - myTU mobile app – innovative mobile banking app for individuals with full account, payment and card management on a mobile phone, IBAN accounts, Mastercard cards for adults and chi...
Thinking Organisations, UAB
Other services and products
Consultation services, Staffing
UNLOCK Tests is an online human resources (HR) assessment and testing platform developed by company “Thinking Organizations”. Professional, scientifically proven tests, tailored to business needs, allow companies to select suitable candidates for job vacancies, assess the competences, skills and personality traits of current employees and delegate the most appropriate tasks to them, creating strong, efficient and motivated teams (personality test, 360 employee evaluation - feedback, numerical an...
Taikomasis dirbtinis intelektas, MB
Information and communication technology industry
Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence
“MB Taikomasis dirbtinis intelektas” (trading name: AAI Labs) is a machine learning company providing various AI services to numerous private companies, including TTS, STT, NLP, credit scoring and transportation route and scheduling optimization services, etc.
Fertistrans, UAB
Transport and logistics
Truck, Water transport, Air transport, Railway transport, Land transport, Warehousing, Customs services, Platform, Full loads, Partly loads
International transport and logistics company. We offer services such as, but not limited to: - road transport by tautliners and reefers - ships' agency services in the port of Klaipeda - ships' chartering - warehouse services in Lithuania - railway services - container deliveries to all destinations in the world Let us know your actual loads and we will count our best price!
Oregon Baltic
Other services and products
Oregon Baltic is transit guarantee provider. It's services are designed for customs brokers, logistics companies and other companies related to the import or transit of goods from third countries into the European Union, the United Kingdom and countries of Common Transit. JSC Oregon Baltic provides : - a transit guarantee of adequate size for the uninterrupted movement of goods; - on-line platform to administer all types of transit declarations and related claims of the Customs authorities; ...
Mantas digital, MB
Information and communication technology industry
Software Solutions
eCommerce Website Development Solutions. Helping business owners to exceed their goals with highly converting websites and e-stores
Gretes shop, UAB
Apparel and textile and leather industry
GRETES is a brand delivering handmade, sustainable products, which were created in Lithuania. It uses the innovative NAIA material to offer luxurious, silk-like clothing without the environmental impact of regular silk. Even though the products are luxurious, they are reasonably priced, making sustainable and fashionable nightwear and loungewear more accessible to the public.
Monalos dizainas, IĮ
Apparel and textile and leather industry
IĮ Monalos dizainas produces sustainable knitwear for womens. Garment is knitted from 100% merino wool on manual knitting machine. Seams are sewn with sewing machine and hand crafted to give the best quality. Monala brought together a small group of women whose knitting is close to heart. Because they are experienced knitters and know their work perfectly – a cardigan, sweater, dress or other garment.
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry, Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Pallets, pallet collars, boxes, Manufacture of basic metals, Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
"Graveris" MB is CNC machining company with strong engineering and manufacturing experience. 9 CNC machines helps us to output precise with large quantities. We manufacture from plywood, OSB boards, fiberglass, polycarbonate, various foams as PIR, PUR, XPS, neopor... Also steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cooper. Soft materials CNC milling, CNC metals milling, CNC bending, Laser cutting, Laser marking, Vibratory finishing,
Daisena, UAB
Food industry
“UAB “”Daisena”” established in 1993, has succeeded in creating multiple Lithuanian markets leaders and internationally recognized foo products. Our services envelop the whole development of the product, including introducing it to market networks, sales development, logistics, shelf supervision, market investigations, strategy creation, and assortment development. UAB “Daisena” trademarks are developed in one of the largest FMCG categories: products like coffee AROMA GOLD, tea AROMA TEA, swee...
MB Keso projektai
Other services and products
Original and special gifts for everyone! Don't be distracted by the shops, don't stand in lines, choose a gift from Dovanų dovana being at home! Here you will find exclusive gifts for everyone on various occasions
Baltė, UAB
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry
Pallets, pallet collars, boxes
The company produces and sells containers of hardwood and softwood split firewood. The provided services are always based on the wishes and requirements of the client. The company, taking into account the individual needs of the customer, can produce containers and wooden pallets of various dimensions and specifications, or their individual parts. The company's activities have been developing consistently since 2020 - with the introduction of new technologies, the company is constantly improvin...
Erdas, MB
Apparel and textile and leather industry
Dog clothes production and selling
Infra MVP, MB
Other services and products
Consultation services, Retail
Consulting company currently exploring various business opportunities
Neuronta, UAB
A software company implementing a clothing rental platform
Aliuminio fasadai, UAB
Construction industry
Aluminium-glass structures
The company UAB "Aliuminio fasadai" is engaged in the production of aluminum constructions, elemental facades, sliding and hinged doors, windows, internal partitions.
Altavida, UAB
Biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry
Biopharmacy, Pharmacy, Cosmetics
Altavida UAB has an exclusive rights to sell and advert the Japanese's manufacturers of veterinary health products for pets. Our private brand Altavidapet unites only created, researched and made in Japan food supplements, dental care products. We are engaged in wholesale and retail.
Globalfoodconnection, UAB
Food industry
Non-alcoholic beverages, Fish and fish products, Fruits and vegetables, Nuts, berries and mushrooms, Spices, herbs and seeds, Oils
UAB GlobalFoodConnection
Syvas, MB
Apparel and textile and leather industry
Home textile
Syvas MB is a manufacturer of exclusive linen table textile as well as owner and developer of online store Syvas.lt which offers authentic handmade products. In the e-shop Syvas.lt you will find an assortment of original linen, wooden, knitted and felted items.
Technologinė linija, UAB
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
Handling solutions for robotics
Labsamera, MB
Chemical industry
Chemical products
MB Labsamera develops and produces 3D printing resins for stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing. This 3D printing technology is capable of producing the most accurate objects, thus it is widely used in dental, tabletop gaming, scale modelling industries to produce both prototypes and final parts. Company operates under brand AmeraLabs and sells its products worldwide.
Information and communication technology industry
Software Solutions, Office Technology, Cloud Computing, Mobile & Apps, Network and Security, Outsourcing Services, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence
Albars is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, developing innovative IT solutions, according to specific customer needs/requirements and scope. Delivered solutions help our customers to increase business capabilities and improve productivity overall. Albars operates within all industry sectors internationally – business, utilities, public sector and education. Albars team has completed large number of successful cloud migration projects, optimized various on-premises infrastructures by introducin...
Skindevs, UAB
Biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry
We analyze the principles of operation, compatibility and effectiveness of each ingredient in order to achieve the desired result together with the customer. We believe that the basis of a cosmetic product must be high-quality and effective ingredients, so we help to select the most suitable suppliers of cosmetic raw materials and ensure their uninterrupted supply and production of the final product. We help you prepare product descriptions for your brand, communication strategy, and guidelines ...
Artus Engineering, MB
Construction industry
Design & architecture, Concrete constructions, Steel structures, metal working
Structural Engineering with BIM
Baltica nebula, MB
Information and communication technology industry
Software Solutions, e-Government Systems and Solutions, Machine learning
We do development for web & emerging technologies. We've have also spent considerable amount of time working on online commerce solutions (traditional, market place, classifieds)- aimed at growth for multiple markets. We love to solve your problems with automation and business intelligence.
Išmanioji logistika, UAB
Transport and logistics
ecommerce fulfilment, 3pl, warehouse services, Amazon FBA, Logistics in all world
Factobotics, UAB
Information and communication technology industry
Hardware Solutions, Software Solutions
We design, create and commercialise new robotics products.
Nanobotics, MB
Electronics and laser industry
Robot integrator
Gamtos dovanos, MB
Creative industries
Interior décor
MB "Gamtos dovanos" is a manufacturer and retailer of unique and beautiful natural scented candles and home fragrances under AURAE brand in the EU. We are very proud and excited about our products - they bring cosy evenings, romantic mood and calmness to our customer homes. All our candles are hand-poured, using only the finest natural waxes, essential oils, perfumes, and the products that Nature provides us.
Apparel and textile and leather industry
Home textile
E-commerce retailer, bedding textile producer.
Teisės ir IT sprendimai, MB
Information and communication technology industry
Software Solutions
Sužinokite savo svetainės poziciją paieškos sistemose Tapkite matomi pirmame google paieškos puslapyje. Pritraukite daugiau potencialių klientų savo įmonei. Atminkite, konkurentai nesnaudžia!!! Profesionalus tinklapiu kurimas.
Jaunas linas, UAB
Apparel and textile and leather industry
Textile, Sewing, Home textile, Womenswear, Menswear, Linen clothes
Sand Snow Linen creates linen curtains, couch covers, custom size linen bedding sets and pillowcases, table linens, linen clothes made of high quality 100 % European linen. We believe that this breath of nature, purity and calm can be delivered to our everyday lives. For instance, to our home. We can easily wrap our house or flat and furniture into the charming, simple, yet very natural state and atmosphere. That is why, we started creating unique, handmade linen items of high quality. We are...
8Devices, UAB
Information and communication technology industry, Electronics and laser industry
Hardware Solutions, Software Solutions, Telecommunications, Electronics
8devices is a company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sales of unique design and functionality electronic equipment. Many years of expertise in hardware engineering and software design allow us to deliver exceptional quality products with the best price-performance and quick time-to-market approach. Our company also works with OEM and ODM wireless equipment projects and can develop your own software and hardware solutions based on your specification list. Since the year 2016, w...
UAB "Meškėnas"
Food industry
Confectionery and sugar
We are family, in which chocolate is loved by everyone, from the eldest to the youngest. Chocolate production process is well familiar among few family generations - by keeping these chocolate secrets among the closest family members, we are able to produce only the highest quality chocolate. Since 2009, we started producing especially high quality – natural chocolate. The recipes of our chocolate creations, were inspired by our endless travels and search for perfection by looking into Lithu...
Azarto technika, UAB
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
The Joint – Stock Company ‘Azarto Technika’ was founded in year 1999 as the subsidiary of Austrian ‘Novomatic’ Holding. The main activity of ‘Azarto Technika’ is to renovate the second-hand gaming machines that have been operated in different countries before. The company is the sole exclusive distributor of second-hand products from company ‘Novomatic Gaming Industries GmbH’. Additionally, ‘Azarto technika’ has the exclusive rights for distribution of new ‘Novomatic Gaming Industries GmbH’ gami...
Pro for nano
Chemical industry, Startup
Chemical products, Paints and lacquers, Startup
Pro for nano is an innovation driven company focusing on nanoparticle applications in anti-pathogen coatings, conductive inks and as a catalyst for green hydrogen production. The company has extensive experience in nanoparticle production and R&D equipment development. Pro for nano actively participates in the EU funded programs and collaborates with international partners to develop sustainable and green products and technological solutions.
ARN Industries, MB
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
Our company is engaged in the production of parts of various complexities, from the simplest to the most complex, including precision parts. We accept orders for various quantities. The maximum length of the product is 1000mm. The products are manufactured according to the drawings and models provided by the customer. The parts are made of various types of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, various plastics, bronze, copper, brass.
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities, materials recovery
Dust extraction, air filtration, air aspiration equipment and components in industrial markets
Bonus delectus, MB
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry, Furniture industry, Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, Transport and logistics, Paper, paper product manufacturing, and packaging industry, Other services and products
Pallets, pallet collars, boxes, Furniture components, Solid wood furniture, Upholstery furniture, Manufacture of basic metals, Manufacture of rubber and plastic products, Distribution, Warehousing, Paper&cardboard packaging, Packaging, Consultation services, Other
Your business networking partner
StockM, UAB
Information and communication technology industry, Other services and products
Software Solutions, Consultation services
Inventory and range management solution for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors. StockM provides a high-value, high-quality IT product - the StockM system: software, knowledge, training and procedures to achieve each company's key objectives - reduce inventory shortages and surpluses, efficient inventory management, efficient use of storage space and reduce inventory managers' labor costs.
Food industry
UAB VR Trading, established in 2005, provides consulting and training services in the field of food safety, employs qualified, responsible, highly experienced specialists who are constantly improving their qualifications.
Creacela, UAB
Other services and products
We provide multilingual services into foreign languages such as document translation and localization of apps and games. Our mission is to expand your business to foreign markets.