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UAB "Meškėnas"
Food industry
Confectionery and sugar
We are family, in which chocolate is loved by everyone, from the eldest to the youngest. Chocolate production process is well familiar among few family generations - by keeping these chocolate secrets among the closest family members, we are able to produce only the highest quality chocolate. Since 2009, we started producing especially high quality – natural chocolate. The recipes of our chocolate creations, were inspired by our endless travels and search for perfection by looking into Lithu...
ARN Industries, MB
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
Our company is engaged in the production of parts of various complexities, from the simplest to the most complex, including precision parts. We accept orders for various quantities. The maximum length of the product is 1000mm. The products are manufactured according to the drawings and models provided by the customer. The parts are made of various types of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, various plastics, bronze, copper, brass.
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities, materials recovery
Dust extraction, air filtration, air aspiration equipment and components in industrial markets
StockM, UAB
Other services and products
Consultation services
Inventory and range management solution for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors. StockM provides a high-value, high-quality IT product - the StockM system: software, knowledge, training and procedures to achieve each company's key objectives - reduce inventory shortages and surpluses, efficient inventory management, efficient use of storage space and reduce inventory managers' labor costs.
Food industry
UAB VR Trading, established in 2005, provides consulting and training services in the field of food safety, employs qualified, responsible, highly experienced specialists who are constantly improving their qualifications.
Creacela, UAB
Other services and products
We provide multilingual services into foreign languages such as document translation and localization of apps and games. Our mission is to expand your business to foreign markets.
Novus group, UAB
Construction industry
General construction works
Novus Group is a manufacturer of semi-finished extruded thermoplastic multiwall sheets, panel systems and finished products, made primarily from Polycarbonate. Novus Group products are designed to suit a diverse range of applications in various markets, which include DIY, construction, architectural projects, advertising, agricultural, glazing, and fabrication.
Sveikatingumo Projektai HV, MB
Tourism, Other services and products
Travel agencies, Event management
HEALTHY & VIBRANT Wellness Concierge in Lithuania offering a bespoke experience and service in wellness travel. WE ORGANISE: Wellness and Beauty trips, Personally crafted Wellness programmes, Expert guidance and counselling, Life couching, Consultations with best in class professionals, Surgeries at world recognised private clinics, Sessions with Wellness experts. WE PROVIDE: All the help and guidance during your stay and planning your trip Accommodation Private tr...
Furnideja, MB
Furniture industry
Furniture components, Outdoor furniture, HoReCa projects
Furnidėja is a young and energetic company located in Kaunas. The main activity of the company is the production of small and medium-sized, stainless and black steel structures. The company specializes in the production of furniture fittings. We ensure the accuracy of details and high quality with the help of the latest technologies. When cooperating with the customer, we always try to solve any technical issues and offer the most optimal production method. Close cooperation and trust are the co...
Dairyhub.lt, UAB
Food industry
Milk and milk products
AB Rokiskio suris is a trusted dairy professionals! Company established in 1964. AB Rokiskio suris has 3 production sites with more than 1.300 employees. Daily milk intake >1.500.000liters/day and more than 30.000 mt of cheese produced per year. Which makes more than 200€ million sales revenues. Cheese produced by Rokiskio suris is well known in Europe as well throughout the world. DairyHub.lt is AB Rokiskio suris subsidiary and responsible for the export retail sales.
Colibrisodm, UAB
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
We are metal production company without production. We find customers with metal processing needs and assign projects to one of our metal production partners in Lithuania. We use our platform for online parts calculation and ordering.
Apparel and textile and leather industry
Official representative of companies DURKOPP ADLER, VEIT, BRISAY, Kannegiesser, STROBEL, PEGASUS, KURIS, WASTEMA, ARDMEL, EFKA. Industrial sewing machines, special sewing machines, sewing automats, ironing, fusing, automatic cutting equipment, pattern design, automatic nesting, natural leather processing and cutting software. Services for sewing industry factories: technology, projects of processes, assembly, spare parts, stuff trainings.
Pudingas, MB
Apparel and textile and leather industry
Leather and fur products
CITYSHEEP – Lithuanian brand, designing and making lifestyle accessories from 2016. We create high quality, functional, aesthetically pleasing and timeless design accessories for Urban people. We work with gently picked natural, long lasting materials: 100% natural merino wool felt and natural full grain leather. Our assortment: iPad cases, MacBook cases, wallets, passport cases, luggage tags, desk mats, charger cases, dog accessories. We are working and producing followed by conscious de...
Food industry
Spices, herbs and seeds
Spices producer and manufacturer. Packaging service provider.
Normalis tech, UAB
Information and communication technology industry
Software Solutions
Established | in 2021 by highly experienced & professional team with extensive experience in project management, IT development and consulting Specializes | in professional project management and software development  Our value | Taking our customers to the next level of satisfaction is normal
Biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry
EmPlastrum was founded in 2019 by a group of engineers and dermatologists who wanted to create a better way for psoriasis treatment. More than 125 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. Due to the fact, that it is an autoimmune skin disease - it never goes away.
Danmedis, UAB
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry
Wooden toys and other products, Pallets, pallet collars, boxes, Boards manufacture, Garden products, Timber for terraces
Lithuanian company specialized in manufacturing wood products from dried or impregnated wood(children play houses, sandboxes, flowerboxes, nest boxes, feeders, fire starting sticks and etc .) The company has good equipments, can offer high quality products in big quantities. Also we could organize delivery.
MB Kompiuterių guru
Information and communication technology industry
Hardware Solutions
Configuration, assembly and maintenance of professional desktop PCs/workstations meant for architecture, design and other professional work means.
Construction industry
Aluminium-glass structures, Windows & doors, sectional garage doors
Established in 1995 STIKLITA has been on a mission to provide outstanding, innovative architectural glass solutions and through collaboration, bring our client's inspirations to reality. We employ our knowledge of glass to develop custom solutions and offer our clients virtually unlimited range of architectural glass, and products. STIKLITA advanced production facilities and our skilled workers combine all major architectural glass fabrication processes - cutting, polishing, carving, ba...
Genie Biotech EU, UAB
Biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry
Genie Biotech has developed a patent-pending, site-specific 'GenieTagTM' conjugation technology with the unique feature being slow and conditional reversibility of the tag. The application of the technology has been pre-clinically demonstrated for the protein-based, multimerized SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate. At the moment, the company is focusing on applying 'GenieTagTM' technology for prophylactic as well as therapeutic cancer vaccines, conditionally-active/'masked' protein therapeutics, and...
Guruma, UAB
Biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry
Biopharmacy, Pharmacy
Medical Affairs consultancy and project management company dedicated to finding the best solution for the clients by connecting the most relevant professionals. GuruMA is focused on personalized contractual Medical Affairs operations and the globalization of the services by applying both the conventional and co-shared service models. GuruMA supports conventional Pharma, Biopharma and Medical Device companies in Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations tasks. We see ourselves as a complete s...
Egentura, UAB
Information and communication technology industry, Other services and products
Software Solutions, Digital Media and Marketing, Outsourcing Services, Consultation services, Translation
Egentura's mission is to enhance its clients visibility in the market they aim to reach. From market studies to learning expedition, the field is quite large. We strive to provide a bespoke service to each of our clients. Clients activities : - Electronics - Mecatronics - Robotics - Pharmaceutical Industry
Zafu LT, MB
Apparel and textile and leather industry
We are seller of buckwheat hulls and cherry stone in whole world. Also we sell yoga pillows and provide a filling service.
MB "Am spauda"
Apparel and textile and leather industry, Graphic arts, publishing, and advertising industry, Paper, paper product manufacturing, and packaging industry, Creative industries, Startup
Textile, Womenswear, Menswear, Children wear, Technical textile, Sports wear, Outwear, Clothing accessories, Printing, Screen printing, Advertising, Outdoor advertising, Graphic arts, Paper products, Arts and art galleries, Startup
Official Stanley & Stella dealer in Lithuania Premium clothes supplier DTG, DTF printing on clothes, screenprinting, embroidery services. Stickers, wallpapers, canvas production.
Biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry, Food industry
Biotechnology, Alcoholic beverages, Other
Amourlinen, UAB
Apparel and textile and leather industry
Sewing, Home textile, Linen clothes
AmourLinen is a brand that focuses on designing high quality linen home textiles that are created with honest attention to detail and ecological consciousness: linen bedding, bath linens, linen tableware, kitchen linens and linen curtains.
Invayear, UAB
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of basic metals, Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
We are currently engaged in manufacturing Brass and Copper Extruded Rods, Profiles, Sections, Turned and Forged Components for Electrical Wiring and Earthing Accessories, Pipe Fittings and Connector Parts, Electrical Contacts, Battery Terminals, Fasteners with Wall Plugs, Panel Boards, other Door Hinges and other Hardware Fittings as per International standards, customer specified drawings or samples.
Amandus LT, UAB
Food industry
Non-alcoholic beverages, Spices, herbs and seeds, Organic food, Other
Chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas, a Scandinavian cuisine representative, who has been voted the best Lithuanian chef several times, has gathered a talented and youthful team in the restaurant Amandus, which has been operating since 2017, with the main goal of creating. Amandus, with the help of an inventive team and trusted suppliers, develops and produces gourmet and deli products that can now be enjoyed by every connoisseur of high quality and impeccable taste across Europe.
Ostara, UAB
Tourism, Defence and security
Travel agencies, Defence and security
Hybrid, optionally manned, all-terrain vehicles engineering. Trailers engineering and manufacturing.
MDS Terasos, UAB
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry
Timber for terraces
JSC MDS Terasos is a company that specializes in the wholesale and retail trade of products for the installation and maintenance of terraces. We sell screw foundations, terrace wood, terrace fastening elements, outdoor and indoor terrace care products, and various accessories and tools. We represent well-known and trusted brands, including CAMO Fasteners, WOCA Denmark, Eterno Ivica, Expandet, and the screw foundation factory. We are an official distributor, so you can buy goods from global ...
SeoReklama, MB
Information and communication technology industry
Digital Media and Marketing
In SEO space good wishes are not enough. You can win one battle by losing the war. Achieving sustainable and measurable SEO results requires strategy and ownership. This is the mission of "SEO generals". "Have and follow a SEO strategy or suffer the consequences of not having it".
Testavimo technologijos, MB
Information and communication technology industry
Digital Media and Marketing
We provide fast and efficient UX testing, research and management services
Sistemis, UAB
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry
Wooden toys and other products
OUR SPECIALIZATION Development and production of small wooden products The company started in 2013. We specialize in production of various wooden souvenirs, business gifts, toys, furniture and other on-demand products. More than 40% of our products are exported to Scandinavian countries and United States. We are strong in development and realization of small wooden products. We are able to create new conceptual models from an idea to end final product.
Enovotek, UAB
Other services and products
Consultation services
Enovotek provides a suite of services tailored to companies new to market as well as experienced across a wide variety of sizes and industries. Our aim is to leverage our expertise to enable you to achieve your market objectives in the Middle East.
Information and communication technology industry, Other services and products, Startup
Software Solutions, Office Technology, Staffing, Startup
No more traditional CVs - we are bringing modern algorithms into the game and focusing on the latest employment market trends by incorporating the newest technologies, algorithms, and social media marketing campaigns. NO-CV mobile application and platform is very easy and simple to use: intuitive solutions, no traditional CVs (resumes), integrated chat, and modern algorithms speed up the recruitment process significantly. Modern candidate ranking and sourcing allow the selection of only t...
Okeanlux, UAB
Food industry
Fish and fish products
Consulting services about all aspects of inland fish farming
Visual marketing house, MB
Graphic arts, publishing, and advertising industry
Advertising agencies
We are offering visual marketing solutions for fashion, beauty and health products that seek aesthetic and creative product introduction to the market.
Rekonta, MB
Furniture industry, Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Furniture components, Outdoor furniture, Antique furniture, Manufacture of basic metals, Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
Metalman – makes exceptional metal interior details for modern homes. It’s handmade modern, design, practical metal products, which give the house not only coziness, authenticity, but also durability, have a lasting value.
Vėjo projektai, UAB
Transport and logistics
Land transport
JSC „Vėjo projektai“ a group of companies developing, designing, manufacturing and servicing electric buses, as well as developing innovative public transport ideas since 2011 . The „Vėjo projektai“ group of companies consists of entities providing DANCER bus production, charging infrastructure installation, bus maintenance and renewable energy supply services.
Medical services and equipment
Medical Equipment
Nonwoven melt-blown fabrics are porous. As a result, they can filter liquids and gases. Their applications include water treatment, masks, and air-conditioning filters.
Construction industry
Steel structures, metal working
The company provides metal processing services. Welding Milling Folding Rolling Turning Powder painting
Other services and products
Ondato is a tech company that streamlines KYC and AML-related processes.
Transport and logistics
Logistics company
Filmai ir kvapai, MB
Biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industry
Company “Filmai ir kvapai” is a Lithuanian producer of NATURAL cosmetics and aromatherapy products. Company is a family owned business since 2011. All products are made in our private production facility. Production is in accordance with GMP, and matches ISO 22716:2008 standard. Products are suitable for the whole family and created to deal with everyday problems in a completely natural way. They are made with 100% natural pure essential oils of mainly organic origin.
Aliuma, UAB
Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
Aluminum and glass constructions. Sheds, terraces, sliding systems. All kinds of aluminum profiles.
UAB "Rankis"
Other services and products
Windalux, MB
Wood and wood product manufacturing industry
Wooden windows and doors
Timber sash windows manufacturing. Timber doors and casements manufacturing.
Demivolt, UAB
Other services and products
Financial services
Demivolt is an Electronic Money Institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania, and we provide the following financial services: Opening an IBAN account; SEPA and SWIFT payments in Euro; Payment gateway; Currency Exchange (FX) services.
Dextera, UAB
Construction industry, Creative industries
Design & architecture, Windows & doors, sectional garage doors, Interior décor
DEXTERA started its activities in 1996, being the first in Lithuania to start producing aluminium blinds. Today we are a reliable and best-known brand on the market in terms of window decor solutions (according to KOG Institute surveys 2019-2020). Competent employees, friendly service, a wide range of materials, reliable suppliers and innovative technological solutions are our five key strengths. We are proud that more than 97% of our customers would recommend others to buy at DEXTERA. We ...
Bitdegree, UAB
Information and communication technology industry
Software Solutions