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Zeta-Lab, UAB
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Electronics and laser industry
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We are the company UAB "Zeta-Lab", which has gathered a large team of professional and ambitious engineers, seeking to share many years of experience in designing various types of automation and electronic equipment. We design production automation and accounting systems. We program PLC controllers for technological process control. When working, it is always important for us a satisfied customer and quality and timely work, so we are convinced that using our knowledge and experience we can find and implement the optimal technological solution for your daily tasks.

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  • Denmark
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  • Sweden
  • 1-9 Employees
  • 2021Year of establishment
Electronics and automation R&D projects

Programming of integrated OpenWrt, Yocto, Android and other Linux-based systems and applications Design and programming of microcontroller ARM, AVR and microprocessor ARM, MIPS, x86 systems Design of input and output circuits and their protections Professional LED lighting control Measurement of alcohol in exhaled air Data collection and processing and storage AI DI FFT etc. How can we help you? We will evaluate the possibilities of product development We will calculate the development and production costs We will create, manufacture and program the electronic part of the product We will design and manufacture the mechanical part of the product We will make a certificate for your product in the laboratories of our partners We will perform full product testing We will prepare technical documentation We will give your product a CE certificate