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Armeni, UAB
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Food industry
  • Meat and meat products

UAB „Armeni” is the only Lithuanian company manufacturing various delicacies of dried meat products based on the Armenian technology. The company was established in 2006 and since then it has achieved a number of things: its assortment has been extended and is constantly improved and renewed, a modern and contemporary meat processing company has been founded, which conforms to all standards, and the market of product realization undergoes purposeful expansion; products are continuously appreciated at different exhibitions, contests and other events. These are some of the reasons why people choose our products: 1) Premium delicacy products; 2) Exclusive, extraordinary, gourmet taste and aroma; 3) Unique and original manufacturing technology applied by UAB „Armeni”; 4) High quality raw materials selected in a thorough manner; 5) Easy to transport and store, there is no need for special conditions; 6) Low temperatures are used during the manufacturing process, therefore products retain al

Current export markets:
Export turnover: 10%
  • Estonia
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • 0.2M-0.5M Turnover, €
  • 1-9 Employees
  • 2006Year of establishment
extra superior highest quality gourmet dried meat

Air-Dried Beef Basturma (sliced), 60 g (4770973160112) Air-Dried Beef-lamb Sausage Sujuk (sliced), 70g Air-Dried Pig’s Tongue, kg Dried beef sausages with pistachios Dried Armenian salami with hazelnuts Dried beef sausage with cheese Brinza Dried Armenian Beef servelat with almonds Dried gourmet Armenian beef sausages „Armeni” Dried beef sausage „Armeni” with walnuts Dried beef sticks „Gardžio” Dried turkey sticks „Gardžio” Dried beef sausage "Giumri" Dried beef sausage with basil Dried meat selection Assorti („Basturma”, dried beef sausage with bryndza, Dried-salted becon, dried Beef-Mutton Sausage „Sujuck”) Dried beef loin "JOKER" Armenian dried bacon, kg Armenian dried pork loin, kg

  • The Lithuanian Product of the Year 2015-2020 The Gold Medal at Choose the Lithuanian Product 2015-2020, the Exhibition of Products Manufactured and Services Provided in Lithuania