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Industrial Robotics Company
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Industrial Robotics Company in cooperation with “Medienos Era” have been working on creating advanced robotic cells that focus on automating repetitive manual manufacturing processes within small batch production companies with a focus on furniture industry. The biggest challenge at hand is fast robot training, as product variety is large and MOQs are small, so the robot must learn to perform the same task on different products quickly and easily. The produced solutions are universal and standard, applicable not only to the robots Industrial Robotics Company and “Medienos Era” are working on, but also to any other robot application across different industries that aims to automate relatively complicated human movements. The tool may, in essence, become a standard and integral part of a ready to train application used by any robot supplier or integrator as it will increase the agility and flexibility of robot solutions offered.

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Developer of robotic solutions, specialising in process automation for small batch production companies.

The company is currently working on 4 robotic cells, literally: - Packaging manufacturing robot – an autonomous plotter that is easy to operate and that prepares box templates that can all vary in specifications; - Painting / spraying robot – a robot that learns to paint from a human operator showing how to do it using a standard spraying gun. Easy to teach, quick to learn, paints from the 2nd identical product; - Sanding robot – a robot that sands semi assembled parts and assembled products. A sanding solution that can be used for sanding products before finishing or in between finishing processes; - Drilling & milling robot – a robot that processes small product parts by holding a part in a gripper and using working stations positioned in a semi-circle around the front of the robot.