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Company code: 302435118
Advokatų profesinė bendrija „JurisConsultus“
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JurisConsultus Professional Law Partnership with you since 2009. Since its establishment, JurisConsultus law firm has been bringing together lawyers who act as legal partners, advisers and consultants for businesses. We have a clear strategy for the future: developing solutions that are based on close partnership and augment our clients’ business. Today’s JurisConsultus: - A team of experienced lawyers and legal professionals; - Over 1,000 clients for whom we are a strategic legal partner; - 9 sectors in which we provide legal consulting; - 6 practice areas in which we represent our clients’ interests in a comprehensive manner. More about us: https://jurisconsultus.lt/en/about-us/ Practice areas & sectors: https://jurisconsultus.lt/en/practice-areas/ Our team: https://jurisconsultus.lt/en/team/

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  • Estonia
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  • 1-9 Employees
  • 2009Year of establishment
Business Law

- company law, acquisitions, mergers, formation of companies; - restructuring and bankruptcy; - commercial law and law of contracts; - real estate and construction; - intellectual property and information technologies; - data protection; - tax law and finance law; - competition law; - transport law; - regulation of relationships and disputes between members and management bodies.