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Creative industries
  • Product design
  • Wooden artifacts

We design, produce, and sell creative toys inspiring children to create and learn. Our story has begun when we noticed how well children respond to light – in fact, we all do! We need light as much as we need water. Light inspires children and helps them stay focused. We designed our first Educational Play Light Table, and the customers loved it. After 70% of home market’s kindergartens bought our edu2 Play Light Table, we understood that we desire more people to know about it and enjoy the experience it creates. From the very first day, we have strived to maintain excellent quality in design, function, and manufacturing without compromise. When designing new products, we care about continuity and develop products that can be passed from one generation to another. Children have tremendous talents, and we feel it is our duty to help parents and educators prepare curious explorers of the future. Let’s develop a place in which creativity flourishes!

  • 1-9 Employees
  • 2012Year of establishment