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Garsu pasaulis
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UAB Garsų Pasaulis is one of the largest and most modern printing-houses in Lithuania, the leader among security printers in the Baltic States. The company has been in operation since 1994 and is known not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. Garsų Pasaulis means: Top quality. Products and services of the printing-house are characterised by a particularly high quality. All tasks are performed by qualified and experienced specialists making maximum use of the possibilities provided by the most recent technologies. Modern approach. We seek continuous improvement, therefore, we constantly invest into the development of innovations, modernisation of technologies and mastery of new products. Reliability. In our area of operation, it is especially important to ensure the protection of customers’ data, therefore, we guarantee the security of both printing products and operations of the company. We comply with our obligations and assume responsibility for the quality of tasks entrusted to us and their completion at an agreed time. YOU. We believe that everything is possible. Each task that you have for us is like a journey we take together. Together with our customers, we transform ideas into reality step by step. UAB Garsų Pasaulis provides the following services: In the Security Printing Division, we print valuable documents which are granted special security. These are securities, certificates, tickets, official documents, etc. In the Commercial Printing Division, we produce packaging, print labels and advertising publications, create constructions as well as provide reproprinting and other printing services.

  • 25M-35M Turnover, €
  • 100-149 Employees
Tare, packings, Printing houses, publishing services

LABELS PACKAGING -Cigarette packs and cartons -Packaging of beer and alcoholic drinks -CD and DVD envelopes -Packaging of food and confectionary products -Medicine boxes -Packaging of perfumery products -Packaging of chemical industry products -Other packaging ADVERTISING PRODUCTS -Cards -Calendars -Booklets -Posters -Flyers OTHER PRODUCTS -Envelopes -Personalised products (tickets, lottery tickets, forms) -Printing on plastic materials and non-absorbent surfaces