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Joint-stock company "Lifosa" is situated in Kėdainiai, the geographical center of Lithuania. Major roads and highways cross the Kėdainiai district area, including the international highway "Via Baltica". Railway branches connect Kėdainiai with other major towns of the Republic and with the seaport. Some reference distances from Kėdainiai: 200 km to the Polish border (Lazdijai); 200 km to the Belorussian border; 210 km to the ice-free Klaipėda port; 320 km to Riga; 1000 km to Moscow; 850 km to Kiev; 500 km to Stockholm. The basic product manufactured at AB "Lifosa" is the nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), the process of which requires phosphoric acid and sulphuric acid, which are also produced at the Company. Fluorine, the by-product of phosphoric acid process, is further utilized and reprocessed into Aluminium Fluoride. Feed additives, such as Monocalcium Phosphate, are produced from phosphoric acid.

  • 500-1000 Employees
The basic product manufactured at AB „Lifosa" is nitrogen-phosphorus fertiliser - Diammonium Phosphate (DAP). The company also produces Aluminium Fluoride, Phosphoric Acid and technical grade Sulphuric Acid.

The enterprise has four major plants: -sulphuric acid -phosphoric acid -monocalcium phosphate -aluminium fluoride with a subdivision for feed phosphates.