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Thank you for your interest in my knives. What does TRC mean?That’s the shortening of my surname Tricius How did I start producing knives:my passion for knives started when a friend of mine gave me a present – a huge Bowie knife. I used it for a while and realized it was far from being perfect. And I wanted a better quality knife, so I started searching for it on the Internet. I found out that a good quality knife was not cheap. So I decided to try to produce it myself. I started watching on "Youtube" how to make a knife and I can say that I learned everything from there. Thanks to all knife makers who share all the tricks. My first knife wasn’t perfect .But now I know that if you want to make a really good quality knife you need lots of knowledge, experience, good equipment and the most important thing is proper heat treatment which is done by professionals to ensure that this vitally important step is done properly and that the resulting knife is of exceptional quality and strength. At the moment I use ELMAX, M390, N690 and Vanadis 4 Extra steels. All of our knives are hand ground with precision by a highly skilled craftsman. For handles I use G-10, Carbon Fiber or Micarta. I feel that it is ultimate handle material for knives which ensures good grip and durability. Sheaths are constructed either of Kydex or top quality leather. Kydex sheaths are custom molded to each blade. I hand mold each sheath to minimize the scratching associated with Kydex sheaths and to ensure the sheath is tight fitting and functions well. Leather sheaths are glued and machine stitched for durability. The edges are sealed and finished as well to seal the leather. Each knife which leaves 'TRC knives" shop is a high quality cutting tool with attention to details and which is going to last with proper care.

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