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Food industry
  • Confectionery and sugar
  • Nuts, berries and mushrooms
  • Ecological products

LABU is a fast growing innovative lithuanian brand, which integrates newest food technologies and time-tested natural and healthy food traditions. Our technology helps to keep the fruits and berries whole and offer wholesome products, energy boosters that ideally suits to our hectic everyday lifestyles. Is all about naturally good food produced only from Lithuanian grown fruits, berries and vegetables made with love and passion, together with science, using newest innovative technologies. Our vision - is to provide balanced more healthy lifestyle, which is easy and fun to keep up. We believe in balance between tasty and healthy, natural and nutritious. Therefore LABU snacks and juices creates a real pleasure of eating and drinking without any regret.

Current export markets:
Export turnover, %: 10%
  • United Kingdom
  • 2016Year of establishment
LABU delicacies

LABU delicacies are made from all edible parts of the fruit: juice, pulp and fine-cut skin, which has the most biologically valuable substances needed for the human body (polyphenols, vitamins, and fibre). We are producing biologically valuable and balanced products from Lithuanian fruits, vegetables and berries. You can enjoy four different tastes of the delicacies: • Apple & carrot delicacy – delicate taste with a great combination of carotenoids (provitamin A), vitamin C and fibre. • Apple & black currant delicacy – has a fresh aroma and is a great source of natural vitamin C and anthocyanins (vitamin PP). • Plum & apple delicacy – has an exclusive taste, intense aroma and is packed with vitamins, fibre, minerals and other health promoting substances. • Raspberry & apple delicaty - has a fresh aroma and is a great source of natural vitamin C and anthocyanins (vitamin PP).

  • Member of local food campaign from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
  • MB
  • Gold medal award of the exibition 'Made in Lithuania' 2016 (food category); 3 rd place award 2016 of most successful company and it's products of Kaunas district Municipality