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InoChemus is a research and development company specializing in custom synthesis of organic compounds and projects involving contract researches. We are dedicated to research and development of new and cost effective products and services for pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, agricultural and other related industries as well as government and academic research institutes. We offer our qualified service in custom synthesis, development of various low molecular weight compounds libraries (up to 2000 g/mol), literature surveys, and optimization of purification path or compounds identification. More We do not resell products – InoChemus products are always the genuine article. InoChemus chemists can synthesize new compounds rapidly, keeping your research on track. For the large pharmaceutical company, that means supplementing your world-class research programs. For smaller companies, InoChemus can serve as your off-site “chemistry department.” Our credo is to exceed every customer’s expectations and to provide products and services of the highest quality at the most reasonable prices. We are up to your challenge just try our service!

  • 2M-4M Turnover, €
  • 1-9 Employees
  • 2014Year of establishment
Carbazoles, Di- & Triphenylamines, Pyrazoles, Thiophenes, Pyridines and Coumarines Building Blocks for RD Chemists.

- Carbazoles, - Di- & Triphenylamines, - Pyrazoles, - Thiophenes, - Pyridines - Coumarines Building Blocks